Club Penguin

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About Club Penguin

Here is a brief description as to what Club Penguin is about:

Club Penguin Concept

New Horizon Interactive developed an online game for children ages six to fourteen, called Club Penguin. The game can be played by all ages, but is aimed at that age group. After producing the game, the company was sold to Disney.

It's a safe virtual world for kids where imaginations can soar and they can interact with friends. There is a moderated environment with nothing to download and is completely ad-free.

Using cartoon penguin avatars, players can play games, waddle around, talk with others and participate in various activities. It's good fun in a snow-covered place.

Club Penguin is similar in its own way to RuneScape and Habbo Hotel.

There is an online merchandise shop selling keychains, gift cards, and shirts like stuffed Puffles and T-shirts.

A subscription allows all features to be used, but the games themselves can be played at no charge without subscription.


To be a player-member, it costs US$5.95 a month, $29.95 for six months, or $57.95 per year. You can then have access to all puffle breeds, own up to fourteen puffles, buy furniture for your puffles, buy clothing and furniture, and have first access to new aspects of the game. Their are member-only parties and members can open their igloo so other players can visit.


Free play allows one to play games and buy colors and player-card backgrounds and go all over except to member parties. However, you can't access brand new games in the first days after their release or purchase clothes or furniture.

The System

There are a number of rooms and various areas in Club Penguin. Each player has an igloo for a home. A member can decorate the igloo with items purchased from capital generated in playing mini-games.

A click on the Club Penguin map allows one to visit various areas. The Attic and other such areas are reached by walking the penguin to the location after clicking on the general area. Rockhopper's Ship, The Migrator, and other such places are available only on specific days.


Club Penguin's Ultimate-Safe Chat mode allows a player to select from a list of phrases. Another mode, Standard-Safe Chat, means that a player can enter custom messages, which can be censored. Some games have Ultimate-Safe Chat mode only.

Blacklisting and Monitoring

Don't use profanity or you may be penalized with a 24-hour ban. Three or four times can mean a 72 hour ban. Hacking Club Penguin results in longer bans. Three bans or more can result in a permanent ban. Logging in as a famous player like Billybob or Rockhopper will produce a "Forever" expiration for that password.

Club Penguin monitors assess profanity and abusive behaviour towards other players. They also try to stop hackers from cheating or interfering in games. They also review suggestions from members.


Club Penguin parties may include a Valentine's Day, Winter Fiesta, St Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day, Easter, a special Summer party, a Camp Penguin party, a Fall Fair, and a Halloween party, not to mention the Christmas party.

Club Penguin appearance may change according to an ongoing party. For example, all the main attractions turned green on St. Patrick's Day, and players could have a St. Patrick hat at no charge.

Coins from playing minigames can be used to purchase items from shops. Different backgrounds are provided to choose from and a few new ones appear each month. You don't have to be a member to choose one. Players can also pick from thirteen penguin colours.